You Can Use Your Phone – Without Using Your Eyes!

Smartphones are great, but there are some times when looking at a screen just isn’t practical. According to some studies, distracted driving caused by your cellphone or other device is roughly as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
But what if you absolutely, 100% need to use your phone anyway?
Well, that’s what the O6 is for!
O6 3
The O6 is a new eyes-free remote for your smartphone. Its context-sensitive sensor pad and turn dial allow you to have full control over your smartphone without ever having to take it out of your pocket. The turn dial selects your app/option/song/etc. and the O6 will read out the highlighted option.

O6 7

Roughly the size of an small cookie, your O6 is extremely portable. You can clip it to your steering wheel:

O6 4

You can hang it from your pants pocket:

O6 5

You can even wear it like a watch:

O6 6

If you contribute $89 to the O6’s Kickstarter, this crazy cool smartphone remote can be yours!

O6 2

Check out the video below to see the O6 in action. The future is here!

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