Engineering A Spill-Proof Rocks Glass

This is not the first product from Super Duper Studio. They have already made a relatively spill-proof wine glass inspired by older Italian glass designs. An accident during manufacturing ultimately led them to developing their current line of spill-proof glassware. Now they are adding to it with a spill-proof rocks glass.
The Saturn Rocks Glass and Saturn Wine Glass v2 are now ready to be backed on kickstarter. The rocks glass has been specially crafted by experienced glass blowers to be thicker on the sides in order to handle a serious ball of ice. It also helps that such functionality is merged with a sleek and visually-pleasing design.
While the product is handcrafted, it has also been made cheaper by becoming more efficient and effective in its production. The glasses are sturdy yet surprisingly light, are totally dishwasher safe, and very satisfying to drink from. With these you won’t ever cry over spilled milk or any spilled liquid whatsoever because it won’t happen.




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