Taga 2.0 Is the Ultimate and Affordable Family/Cargo Bike of the Future

This is the Taga 2.0, a new and improved iteration of a bike meant to be a green and healthier family vehicle of sorts. Heavily inspired by traditional cargo bike designs, the Taga goes above and beyond in terms of add-ons and features for your needs and comfort. It’s also far more affordable than other modern counterparts.

The customizable design allows you to transform this bike from a shopping basket into a green machine for three passengers. It even comes in an electric model to ease the burden of pedaling uphill. It’s fairly lightweight considering everything it can do, and is roughly 85% recycled materials, meaning it’s good for you and the environment.

The rigid frame and design ensure that it is stable and your safety concerns are addressed. Included in the seats for your “passengers”, there’s an accessory bar to add some fun add-ons for your little ones during their trip including: a water gun, steering wheel and more.

This is perfect family tool that will cut down on personal costs as well as emissions. It’s good exercise, simple to use, easily customizable so that is grows with your family and your needs, has a great amount of space for storage and transport, and can help cut down your time stuck in traffic jams. It’s certainly worth considering in place of a second family vehicle.

The Taga 2.0 is available for purchase on Indiegogo.

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Taga 2.0 Bike (Basic)

Includes Bike and Cargo Compartment