The FlexSafe Plus Is the Perfect Safe for Any Traveller

Travelling is an amazing experience, but there are so many things you have to worry about. You always have to keep one eye on your bags at all times, and you never know how someone will try to steal your things.
Enter the FlexSafe Plus. It’s an attractive-looking bag made with high-quality materials designed to keep your valuables safe and sound!

It’s made with slash and cut resistant materials, ensuring your bag stays in one piece and secure.

Even if someone tries to steal your goods, the FlexSafe has a motion alarm, scaring off the thief and alerting you no matter where you are.

The FlexSafe even has RFID-blocking technology, keeping your credit and debit cards safe!

Plus, if your electronics are out of juice, the FlexSafe has a power bank that’s refilled with solar energy!

To get your own FlexSafe, check out Amazon and the Indiegogo campaign.

Watch the FlexSafe in action in the video down below!

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