The AirBar Turns Any Laptop Screen into a Touchscreen!

We’ve all been there. You’re working on your phone or tablet, then go to your computer and try to use the screen as a touchscreen—but then you realize your laptop screen isn’t touchscreen.
Having a touchscreen makes things so much easier, but not all laptops come with one—and the ones that do are insanely expensive.

Enter the AirBar. This gadget is designed to turn any PC or MacBook Air laptop screen into a touchscreen!


Set up is simple: attach the AirBar to the bottom of your screen using the provided magnets, then plug it into the USB port. That’s it!

You can do any touch function with the AirBar: swipe, tap, zoom, rotate, and pinch!

The best part is you can touch your screen using anything—gloves, brushes, and styluses all work with the AirBar!

AirBar is now available on Amazon.

Watch the AirBar in action in the video down below!

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