The Wallet That Never Gets Lost

Wallets. We lose them like crazy. Well, not anymore, we don’t!
This is Walli. Walli is a new smart wallet loaded to the brim with tech! Thanks to a new smartphone app compatible with Walli, your phone will get an update every time you leave it behind. On top of that, Walli will show you on a map where exactly you left it.
Wallet 4

But what if you lose your phone? Well, just tap your wallet and your phone will ring, letting you know where you left it. In addition to the Walli wallet, Walli is available as a travel passport book and key chain fob.

But what if you get your wallet back and something’s missing? Well, Walli’s on top of that too. The app lets you know if your wallet is missing even a single card.

Wallet 3

The Walli is available on Kickstarter now for only $79. It also comes in 3 colors: black/blue, blue/teal, and black/grey.

Wallet 3

Check out the hilarious pitch video below to see the Walli at work!

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