The Zing Is a Smart, Full-Color Led Night Light Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Zing is the smart, full-color LED night light powered by artificial intelligence. This makes it the best night light designed to give your night lights a beautiful, luxurious look while pairing it with some clever features.


It’s powered by 12 full-color RGB+White LEDs, each capable of over 4-billion colors and 512 levels of brightness, Zing can be as soft or as brilliant as you’d like. With each LED element being addressable, it allows for a full-range of light effects. Whether it’s a cozy campfire for your children, or a beautiful northern lights feel, the Zing can do it all.
It’s all controlled using the Zing smartphone app.

The Zing also features some nifty motion sensors. When motion is detected, Zing will gently power up to 40% intensity (configurable to your liking) to help you navigate without blinding you. After you’re finished moving, the Zing will gradually go back to it’s standby levels.

Zing is smart, so it will automatically light your path through prediction. It does this by automatically observing and learning your movement paths over the course of 7-10 days. So whether you’re out for a midnight snack, or really need to go to the bathroom, once the Zing detects movement from your bedroom, your path will already be lit up for you.

Zing also has a bluetooth locator to help you find missing things through the Zing app, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Finally, Zing can notify when you have an incoming call, a reminder from your calendar, or even when you receive a text. When these events happen, Zing lights up for you so you know.

Zing is available for purchase by pledging on Kickstarter.

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