The World’s Fastest Underwater Scooter

Water Sports are a blast, but until now there hasn’t been a reliable way to stay submerged and cover a large distance at the same time. There’s scuba diving, but that’s too slow. There are Seabreachers, but those are pricey and too enclosed to feel the thrill you’re looking for. What about an underwater Sea-Doo? Well, now there’s the Seabob.
seabob 1
Seabob is the fastest underwater recreational vehicle in the world. The Seabob is versatile, lightweight, and high-speed. It weighs between 29-35 kg (64-77 lb) and can get up to speeds of 13-20 km/h (8-13 mph)
seabob 4

The Seabob can get down to 40 meters (131 feet) below the surface and a single battery charge lasts about one hour.

seabob 2

seabob 5

It’s also available in two models: the F5 (yellow) and the F5S (red). The F5S has improved performance over the base model, ensuring speeds up to 13 mph. The F5S also comes available in an additional matte chrome design and has a securing device so that you can attach a pilot seatbelt.

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The Seabob is available in a variety of colors. Contact the seller for a price estimate!

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Seabob High-Speed Underwater Scooter