Ride Inside A Giant Mechanical Fish

Have you ever wanted to ride inside a mechanical swordfish? Well, now’s your chance!
Introducing the Seabreacher – a semi-submersible vessel that lets you replicate the feeling of swimming inside a fish.
With the Seabreacher, you can replicate all your favorite fish movements – rolling, jumping, swimming, and more!
These amazing boats can dive about 5 feet under the surface and can go at top speeds of between 20-50 mph depending on the model.

Because of it’s clever design, this boat is incapable of sinking and will automatically pop up to the surface if you dive too deep.

On top of all that, they operate in both salt and fresh water!
Each Seabreacher vessel is custom built to your specifications and is available in a variety of designs, replicating a variety of aquatic life forms! Orca? You got it! Sail fish? Of course! Tuna? Well, you’ll have to ask them but that should probably be doable!
fish boat 5
fish boat 6
Interested? You can book a demo/training day for only $1000. If you like what you see, then your $1000 will be put toward your final purchase cost.

fish boat 4

Check out this cool demo reel (ha, fish puns) below!

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