This Coaster Can Hold Your Drink on the Side of a Couch!

We’ve all been there—you’re enjoying a drink while sitting in your couch or easy chair, but there’s nowhere convenient to put it down. Putting it right on the couch can damage the material, but the table is sometimes too far away. Plus, placing it on anything that isn’t sturdy is a recipe for disaster.
Enter the CouchCoaster. It’s silicone and plastic body is perfect for holding hot and cold drinks right on the side of your sofa!

The CouchCoaster is made from durable, easy-to-clean materials that wrap seamlessly around the couch arm, making sure your drink is safe, yet easy to reach.


And don’t worry about it clashing with your furniture—it comes in a variety of colors that match any decor!


Check out the CouchCoaster in action in the video below!

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