The Seatylock Combines A Bicycle Seat And A Bicycle Lock In One Sturdy, Secure Tool

The Seatylock is a hybrid product combining a bicycle seat and a lock in one.
It’s a sturdy, folding bike lock featuring a bicycle seat at the top. When using it as a bicycle seat, the seat connects to the post using a special universal adaptor.


To use it as a lock, simply use your bike lock key, and it unfolds into a meter long lock.


It takes 30 seconds to unfold this lock and lock it to a fixed object.

The Seatylock is made of high quality metal materials like steel and aluminum to be sure thieves can’t get through it using tools like a drill.

The Seatylock serves two purposes: to prevent saddle theft, and to have a sturdy bike lock on you at all times.

It’s available for purchase on Amazon.

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