Use Boogie Dice To Spice Up Your Game Night

Even though game night can already be loads of fun, feel free to add an extra dimension with Boogie Dice. They are sound activated motorized dice, and can be used with any of your favorite games involving dice. Yes, these dice will roll themselves.
They activate in a myriad of ways; clapping, snapping your fingers, banging on the table, or simply throwing them.

Additionally, these dice can also have LEDs to make an even more entertaining spectacle. They come with a charger, and a “battleground arena” if you’re also interested in the Bots Battleground game that was designed with the Boogie Dice in mind.


You can even program the dice with a downloadable mobile app for further customization, giving you some of the most unique dice on the planet. Spice up your games night with Boogie Dice!




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Boogie Dice - Self rolling, sound activated gaming dice!