Stylish Backpack Makes Your Bag Weigh Less Than Its Contents

No matter what travel solutions you use to make transporting your luggage easier or quicker, there’s one simple truth you have to face: You’re never going to make your luggage lighter than the stuff that’s inside it.
Well, that used to be true.
Now, there’s the Zero-G Gravity-Resistance Backpack – the first backpack with a suspension system that takes the stress off of your shoulders.

Conventional backpacks weigh you down, putting all the weight and pressure on your shoulders. With the Zero-G four-point suspension system, you can ease the tension on your back and make carrying easier than ever.


It’s also completely weather and sweat proof, so it’s durable to last you through whatever hijinks you might get up to.


Despite the bags minimalist design, it’s gotten enough hidden compartments and specialty pockets to carry all of your goods at once. All of your belongings will be locked down tight while also being super-easy to access on-the-go. It’s even got a specialty laptop compartment!


Available in two sizes, 15 and 13-inch, the Zero-G is the ideal bag for any traveller, whether you’re an outdoor adventurer or a city-slicking Wall Street whiz, the Zero-G is designed with you in mind.


Check it out on Kickstarter and get it at a reduced price – $149! Take a look at all of its features in detail in the video below!

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Zero-G Weight-Reducing Backpack