The Tovnet WiFi Security Camera Disguises a Camera as a Light Bulb

We all want to make sure our home is secure, but we don’t want it to be too obvious. A giant camera might stop some criminals, but you’re more likely to spot smaller misdeeds when people don’t think they’re being watched.
Enter the Tovnet WiFi Security Camera. It’s the world’s first fully functioning security camera that masquerades as a light bulb!


Installing this camera is as simple as replacing a light bulb. The socket provides the power, and your computer, smartphone, or tablet controls the camera—letting you watch your home or business wherever you are!


When the light is turned on, you can barely see the camera. Meanwhile, it’s streaming high-definition video—and you can even record it right from your device!

This unobtrusive camera is guaranteed to keep your home or business privately secured, maintaining your peace of mind.

To get your own camera, check out the brand’s Kickstarter campaign.

Watch the camera in action in the video down below!

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