The WubbaNub Combines a Plush Toy with a Soothing Pacifier to Help Any Fussy Baby

Babies love their pacifiers, but they usually fall out all the time, and your baby’s tiny hands can’t grab it back. And unless mom and dad are around, they have no way to pick it up again.
The WubbaNub is here to change all that. It combines a cute and cuddly stuffed animal with a pacifier, ensuring your child’s pacifier is never far from reach.


The durable one-piece design will remain sturdy and easy for your baby to grasp.


Made with BPA-free and latex-free medical grade plastic, you can rest easy knowing the soother is safe for your child!
It comes in a variety of animals, including elephants, monkeys, dogs, and penguins!

The WubbaNub is made for children up to six months old—it’s not recommended for babies in the teething stage.

To get your own WubbaNub, check out the brand’s website.

Watch the WubbaNub in action in the video down below!

Winter 2016 2017 from WubbaNub on Vimeo.

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