This Real-Flame Smart Candle Can Be Lit or Extinguished with Your Smartphone!

Light has always been a part of our lives. But, we’ve always used electricity for our lighting. What if we were able to combine our amazing technology with the beautiful, natural light source from candles? Introducing, the LuDela: the world’s first real flame smart candle.
The LuDela is a 100% natural candle that lights up using what the creators call Wi-Fire. It’s basically Wi-Fi with a cool name. The candle is able to be lit at the touch of your smartphone using an app and stays bright and never melts. The application allows you to customize multizone lighting with multiple candles, the brightness, and even allows you to set a timer for your candle.




Each candle has multiple features for safety. Some features included are: smart scanning to scan the environment for fire risk before ignition, child-lock to password protect your candlelight, and smartphone alerts to alert you if the candle needs your attention.

The battery life of the LuDela lasts up to 5-6 months between charges and you can customize the appearance of your LuDela with the interchangeable outer shells they offer in various colors.


Under the shell, LuDela burns natural soy and beeswax.


The LuDela is currently available for preorder for $99 and is estimated to ship early 2017. Get yours now at their site here!

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LuDela Real-Flame Smart Candle