Fill Your Space with Cobwebs for Halloween with This Realistic Spider Web Gun

It’s almost Halloween time, meaning it’s time to get super spooky and deck out your home, office, or classroom with as many black cats, pumpkins, and spider webs as you can legally get your hands on. Well, the Webcaster gun can help you with that last part.
Those aren’t spider webs; those are Webcaster webs. Why struggle with bags of cotton-like floss that don’t stick well when you can just spew webs anywhere you like?

The Webcaster I and II work like a high-powered glue gun. Simply load up the Webcaster with web sticks, let the device heat up, then hook it up to a shop vacuum or air compressor and let the webbing fly!

In a matter of seconds, you’ll have a series of a complex and intricate webs strewn about your space that look just like the real thing. Your place will look like no one’s touched it in 20 years!


The original Webcaster Gun connects to an air compressor for maximum firepower and distance. It’s available on Amazon for $69.99!


Don’t have access to an air compressor? The Webcaster Gun II connects to any size shop vacuum with a blower port and 1.25″ hose. It’s available on Amazon for $49.99!


Also, don’t forget the Webcaster sticks! Ammo is available on Amazon for $10.80 for 20 sticks!


Check out the spooktacular Webcaster Guns in the video below!

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