Track Your Hydration with This Easy-to-Use Bracelet

As humans, we are mostly made up of water. As such, we need a lot of it to keep us going. Conventional wisdom is that we need 8 glasses a day, but that expression has largely been debunked by scientists. Some say we should drink water when we’re thirsty, but you may start feeling the physical and mental toll of thirst well before you actually feel thirsty. If you live an active lifestyle, LVL is the best way to get a good read on your hydration level.
LVL is a fitness wearable device that monitors much more than your standard Fitbit – including how hydrated you are!
The beautiful thing about LVL is that it tracks your hydration much in the same way one of those adjustable sleep mattresses tracks your sleep. That means that LVL doesn’t just tell you when you’re thirsty; it also tells you how much water to drink right now and how much it will improve your performance.

You can also sync it to your phone, so you can track more complex data than your wrist display shows.


The LVL device is so powerful, its designers say it’s 10 times more accurate than any other wearable on the market.


The LVL tracks all your key metrics, including hydration, heart rate, your sleep rate, and even your mood! It’s like having a Fitbit, a water boy, a step counter, and a smart mattress all in one!


LVL is available in a variety of different color sports bands, as well as more elegant leather bands. You can even control your smartphone with LVL, getting key notifications sent right to your wrist.



LVL is available now through a special Kickstarter deal for $129!


Hear what fitness experts and hydration enthusiasts have to say about LVL below!

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