‘Phonesoap’ Cleans Your Phone Without Getting It Wet or Scratched

The name is slightly misleading, as this isn’t ‘soap’ in the conventional sense but it is a very effective cleaner. The majority of us are quite attached to our phones and tablets these days, and who can blame us? We can do almost anything with these inventions, from watching videos to trading stocks. Unfortunately that means they get very dirty. Dirtier than a public toilet.

Thankfully PhoneSoap 2.0 is here to help, and in a great way that won’t get your phone wet or scratch its surface while killing 99.99% of germs. It is a sanitizer that utilizes UV light to kill germs, and it also doubles as a cellphone charger and acoustic audio amplifier. Best of all, it can clean your phone in just 10 minutes.


The unit has two lights and curved reflective surfaces that ensure your phone is bathed in cleansing light. It’s so effective, it can even kill most of the “super-bugs” that we’ve heard about on the news. They’ve run experiments on dirty phone surfaces, and the before and after samples speak for themselves.



The acoustic outlets let you hear your notifications, incoming calls, or your personal alarm. The lights themselves turn off when the machine is opened, keeping it safe for you and others who use it. Additionally, it can clean just about everything, from your house keys to your credit cards and so much more. It’s a great little product at an affordable price that brings some much-needed cleanliness to one of our most used devices.


via Phonesoap


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