Do You Need an Umbrella Today? Ask Your Umbrella!

Weather forecasts are the most reliable tool we have for predicting the weather, but they can’t be right all the time. For some, uncertainty about the weather can be summed up with one question: should I bring an umbrella?
Umbrellas can be cumbersome, but nobody wants to be caught in the rain without one. What if there were a more accurate predictor of local weather? What if that predictor were your umbrella itself?
Oombrella 3
Meet Oombrella. Oombrella is the first smart umbrella. Using local forecasts and data shared by other Oombrellas in your area, Oombrella gives you the most accurate local weather forecast available. Oombrella gathers weather information with a receiver/transmitter installed in its handle and sends it directly to your phone.
Oombrella 2

But what if you leave your Oombrella behind? Well, you won’t. The Oombrella app will send a message directly to your phone if it seems like you’re about to forget it.

Oombrella 1

The Oombrella comes in three colors: shiny, black, and white. It also comes in two sizes, full-size and compact size.

Oombrella 4

Through Indiegogo, you can get your own Oombrella for just $71!

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