A Three-Wheeled, Rideable, Drivable Cooler

Finally, a scooter I can ride to work that can support the weight of my lunch.
This is Kreweser. It’s a compact motorized scooter designed specifically for transporting coolers. It’s the perfect vehicle to take to softball, soccer, a backyard BBQ, or just about anywhere.
cooler scooter 1
cooler scooter 4

Kreweser Motorized Cooler

While it may seem like it serves only a niche market, Kreweser’s design cannot be overlooked. It’s built with hub motors – meaning that the motors are inside the wheels, leaving you more space for your cooler, your legs, or whatever else you carry on your scooter (we won’t judge).

Cooler Scooter 5

Kreweser is environmentally friendly, getting 18 MPH with a fully electrical motor. For $1199 (or 1349 for a customized wrap), Kreweser can be all yours – cooler included!

Check out this motorized freezer beast in the video below!

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Kreweser Motorized Cooler Scooter