One Discrete Ring Can Control Everything You Own

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.
Okay, so this isn’t exactly the One Ring of which Tolkien spoke, but it’s pretty darn close.
NFC Ring
This is the NFC Ring – the Near Field Communication Ring. NFC is a form of wireless communication that allows for the transfer of information and data between devices in proximity to one another. In short, it does some pretty cool stuff.
The NFC Ring has two transmitters built into it – one for public information and the other for private data. That means that with the same ring, you can open your door, share files, pay at the cash register, transfer bitcoins, open doors, unlock your phone, and so much more!



The NFC Ring runs on open source technology, meaning that anyone who wants to can program for – or tinker with – the technology behind the ring. That means that anything you imagine can be done with the ring if you have the know-how.


Best of all, it’s simplistic design means that there’s no need for wires, batteries, or charging. Just slip on the ring and you’re good to go.


The NFC Ring comes in a variety of styles, from shiny black to “retro” circuit board. For just $59, the personalized key to your life can be yours!

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