Inflatable Hoodie Lets You Catch Up on Your Sleep in Public

We all probably have that one favorite hoodie that we like to wear to stay cozy and warm or take a nap in public.

Well, what if that hoodie were also a pillow?


Introducing Hypnos, the inflatable hoodie.


Made from modal blend fleece, Hypnos is like any other hoodie, save for one aspect: a hidden valve in the neck lets you inflate a plastic pillow hidden between layers of fabric in the hood. That means that in those moments when you want to catch a few “zzz”s on the train or during lunch, your pillow is right there with you.


It also comes available in a variety of styles, from pullover to zip-up to jacket to cardigan! It’s very discreet when deflated, and inflated as well. It hardly looks like there’s anything there, so no one will burst your little bubble… or hoodie.


The Hypnos hoodie is now available for only $98.


Check it out below!

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Hypnos Inflatable Sleep Hoodie