A Smart Kitchen with an Invisible Sink That Appears When You Wave Your Hand

As we edge closer and closer to the future, more and more companies are getting in on the ‘smart appliance’ game. From washers/dryers to TVs to microwaves, every big household producer wants a slice of that smart-age pie. Well, Italian company Offmat is breaking off their slice with the Tuler kitchen.
Offmat 1
Tuler is an adaptive kitchen island and cabinet system that transforms to suit your needs.

Though the island may look like a stone slab, it is so much more. The surface is integrated with inductors that power the built-in stove top, which blends with the rest of the counter. At the same time, the counter top is integrated with a ‘hood’ which cycles the steam, smoke, and gases out of the kitchen. It’s like a typical hood fan, but less obtuse in shape.

Offmat 4

The push/pull drawer is servo-powered, making it glide open and shut with ease. It’s got a built-in touch screen scale for all your weight measuring needs and even a wireless smartphone charger.

Offmat 2

Best of all, however, is the hideaway sink. With the wave of a hand, Tuler’s surface collapses to reveal a hidden stainless steel-coated sink and motion-controlled faucets. Available in a variety of stone colors, It’s everything you didn’t know you wanted in your kitchen.

The cabinet, in addition to providing more work and storage space, can be customized to contain additional built-in components, such as an integrated sink into surface, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, drawers, and wheeled cabinet.

Offmat 5

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Want to see the magic sink in action? Check it out below!