Make A Wine-Lover Out Of Your Cat!

Do you enjoy wine? Are you bereft of a partner with whom you can enjoy a glass? Do you have a cat?
If you answered a hesitant “maybe” to any of those questions, then Apollo Peak has the solution for you:
Cat wine.
Apollo peak is the manufacturer behind the world’s newest, greatest invention – alcohol-free wine for cats. Now, you no longer need to spend a lonely night drinking wine on your own. You and your feline friend can raise a glass and toast to good company. Namely, each other.

Pinot Meow

Apollo Peak


Apollo Peak

But wait, you might be thinking, why would my cat want to drink wine with me? My cat can’t appreciate the spectacularly pun-based names of these wines, so why should they care?

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Well, Apollo Peak cat wines are catnip-based, giving your cat the added buzz that you might look for in a wine. They may not get wine drunk, but they’ll still be intoxicated. And in the end, isn’t that really all that matters?

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Apollo Peak cat wines are available for only $15 for an 8 meow-nce bottle! Check them out and find the drinking partner in your cat today!

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