The Theft-Proof, Waterproof, Knife-Proof Backpack

Fabric drawstring bags are more popular than ever. They provide almost as much space as an average backpack without all the extra pockets, needless buckles, and added weight.
Of course, they come with their downsides. They aren’t water proof, their drawstrings come out easily, and they’re easy to steal.
Well, they don’t have to be.
LocTote 7
This is the LocTote. Unlike a standard drawstring backpack, the LocTote is waterproof and theft proof. With steel reinforced straps and a large combination lock, the LocTote fixes all the problems you have with standard backpacks – and more!
LocTote 1

Despite it’s plush appearance, the LocTote is virtually knife proof, making it impossible to cut or rip open. It’s made with RFID-resistant fabric, so your phones, laptops, and important documents and cards are safe from wireless scanners.

Now your belongings are even safer than they would be in a typical nylon backpack.
For a limited time, you can buy the LocTote through Indiegogo and get your bag just in time for “back to school” season.

Check out the technology behind this futuristic fabric sack in the video below!

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