The Uuni 3 Is the World’s Best Portable Wood-Fired Oven for Delicious Pizzas and Other Meals

Wood-fired pizzas are the best, and now thanks to the Uuni 3, they can be savoured alongside other wood-fired meals at your dining table without emptying your wallet.



Uuni is a light and affordable wood-fired pizza oven that goes up to 500°C (932°F) – hot enough to cook a pizza in just 60 seconds! It’s also great for all types of meat, seafood, vegetables, flatbread – any food that enjoys short cooking times.

It’s a great tool for your outdoor kitchen and it’s fun for the family and friends!

It does this by being powered by wood pellets. These pellets ignite very easily and Uuni 3 takes simply 10 minutes to heat up – from cold to 500°C.

It’s made of a beautiful brushed stainless steel which weathers and ages as you use it, but doesn’t rust.

The Uuni 3 is available for purchase on Amazon.

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Uuni 3 (Portable Wood Pellet Oven)