The Furbo Dog Camera Lets You Take Pictures, Give Treats and Talk to Your Dog Away from Home

Have you ever been at work and wanted to check in on your dog? Well, of course you have. Your dog is like a best friend and it’s only nature to want to check in on them at any point of time in the day.
With the Furbo Dog Camera, you can do that and even more.

You can see your dog, talk with your dog and even give it a treat from the comfort of wherever you are.

The Furbo Dog Camera comes equipped with a 720p HD Camera and Night Vision that lets you livestream your pet to monitor them at a 120-degree wide-angle view – day or night.

It also comes with 2-way audio connection and a barking alert to let you know when your dog is barking in the house. The mobile app will send you notifications to let you know when you should try and calm your dog down.

Finally, the Furbo Dog Camera has a fun treat tossing feature. With the mobile app, you can toss a treat to your dog to let them play catch. You can fill the Furbo Dog Camera with up to 30 pieces of your dog’s favorite treat.

All these features are connected with the free Furbo app and it’s recommended you have a stable internet connection & Wi-Fi.

The Furbo Dog Camera is available for purchase on Amazon.

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