Magic Mirror Reads your Gym Progress

Mirror, mirror on the wall, how is my body mass index today?
It may sound like something out of a fairy tale, but soon your bathroom mirror might just be able to answer that question for you.
The Naked 3D fitness tracker looks like a typical household mirror, but in reality it is an amazing achievement in fitness and health monitoring technology. By having you stand on a rotating scale, the mirror can take a fully body scan, reading your weight, measurments, body fat content, in just 20 seconds. It can even read our body for hotspots – areas of your body that are changing the most as a result of the loss or gain of muscle and fat.
Naked, which has been tested on humans since 2015, is said to be as accurate as the water displacement test, giving you a reading of your body fat content accurate within 1.5%. It is expected to be Apple Watch and Fitbit-compatible at launch.

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The mirror is now available for pre-order from Naked Labs for only $599. The mirror is expected to ship in 2017, with a pre-order price raise expected in just over a month.

h/t Mashable
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