Humans can Hibernate with the Bears in this Creative Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are a must-have for any camping trip, sleep over, or overnighter. Departing from the familiar bright, rectangular look, this Danish artist has put a creative and outdoorsy themed spin on the classic sleeping bag design.
bear sleeping bag 3
This bare (or bear) necessity combines the comfort of a bear skin rug, the utility of a sleeping bag, and the comedic value of letting your fellow campers think you’ve been eaten by a bear!


These novelty sleeping bags are in scarce supply and are currently available by contacting the artist, Eiko Ishizawa, directly.

bear sleeping bag 7

bear sleeping bag

bear sleeping bag 4

You might not fool any bears into leaving you and your picnic baskets alone, but you should be able to give your friends a good scare.

bear sleeping bag 5

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Bear Sleeping Bag