Liftware: The Self-Stabilizing Utensil For People With Hand Tremors

Sometimes we can take things in life for granted. Whether it’s the ability to walk, see, hear, or even just be able to comfortably eat. ‘Essential Tremor’ is the world’s most common movement disorder and its cause is unknown. Like those with Parkinson’s disease, it can make things like writing and eating quite the hassle. But not so anymore.

For those with Parkinson’s or essential tremor, eating can be a laborious and sometimes embarrassing experience, especially in public. The ‘Liftware’ utensil is here to save the day. No matter the severity of the hand tremors, Liftware senses them and stabilizes itself.

The company behind Liftware claims that it can reduce the effects of utensil shaking by an average of 76%, which is quite impressive. It can give those with hand tremors a sense of control and independence over their own consumption and in the long term, the device is very affordable.

Liftware is the utensil that counteracts shaking caused by han…

This stable spoon takes away the stress of eating for people with hand tremors.

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Posted by INSIDER on Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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