Turn The Back of Your Truck Into A Working Kitchen

Are you on the road a lot without the means to make a home-cooked meal? Do you go camping frequently, but tire of the mundanity and labor of setting up a campfire and tarps for your makeshift kitchen? What if you could have your own fully-functional kitchen installed right in the back of your vehicle?
Well, you can.
Kitchen 5
The Scout Overland Kitchen is your compact and convenient culinary companion. It contains all the amenities of a modern kitchen (stove, sink, chopping block, drawers, and more) and takes up less than four square feet! It weighs 100 pounds dry and can hold up to 2.5 gallons of water. With its easy-to-clean, antimicrobial surfaces and intuitive design, setup and clean up only take a matter of seconds!
Kitchen 1
Kitchen 3

The whole system fits in the back of your truck like a small set of cabinets. Now, the creature comforts of home are closer than ever with the Scout Overland Kitchen.
Ktichen 2

The estimated starting price is $5500, but is wholly dependent on how you customize it. Contact the manufacturer for details!

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