Ever Wanted An Effective Foot-Powered Washing Machine?

Let’s face it, electricity bills are getting out of hand these days. Costs of living are going up, yet wages are not and people everywhere are feeling the increasing pinch. Almost nowhere else is this more apparent than in doing the laundry, and maybe you didn’t know about that.
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Laundry machines use an average of 50 liters of water and 500 watts of power per cycle. That’s a lot of energy and water that, chances are, most of you have to pay for. So a bunch of Canadians from Toronto decided to create Drumi, a foot-powered washing machine.


Drumi is small, doesn’t take up a lot of storage space, is front-loading, and electricity free. As far as use goes, it’s pretty easy. Just add water, then add your detergent of choice, close the lid, and then use the foot pump for 5 to 10 minutes per load of laundry. It’s easy on the environment, gives you a bit of exercise, doesn’t take too long, and can even go with you on camping trips.



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Drumi: The Foot Powered Washing Machine