Get The Perfect Meat Every Time With MEATER, The Smartmeat Thermometer

Meater is the world’s first truly wireless smart meat thermometer that also uses an app on your smartphone to ensure the perfect meat every time, with no chance of burning and wasting such delicious cuts. It works with all kinds of meat, from steak, to chicken, to fish, and other meats such as lamb.


By using the app, you can select the cut of meat how cooked you want it. You can get the juiciest chickens, and the most perfect of medium-rare steaks. It’s a great, stylish, and easy way to get restaurant-quality food in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price.



The app will send you a notification letting you know that your meat is ready, or if there’s a problem such as your smoker dropping below 215 degrees. Just stick it and forget it! There’s no longer a need to keep checking, and burnt meat will be a thing of the past. The Meater has a sleek wooden charging case, and you can even buy a version that can charge four Meaters at a time. Now get cooking!

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MEATER: The Only Wire-Free Smart Meat Thermometer