Cabriovelo: The Sports Car Of Bicycles

A team of young Italian engineers and economists have come together to create what amounts to a convertible sports car, but for bicycles. The Cabriovelo has a sleep red frame, a stable three-wheel design, great control and maneuverability, and can convert into a covered vehicle when bad weather strikes. The traction is even good enough for snowfall.


Cabriovelo was designed to be pedal-powered, but it also has an electric motor to assist with hills and other inclines. It works just like a bike, and can even be locked up like a bike. It also has a trunk where you can stow your shopping or groceries, or even a small child if you’re planning a day out in the neighborhood.



The Cabriovelo is jam-packed with features; it has a headlight, blinking turn signals, and even a horn. It’s an all-weather bike that works great for commuting, shopping, or a leisurely ride in the countryside. And just like a sports car, it costs a pretty penny but is worth every single one.



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Cabriovelo: versatile convertible E-bicycle car