Sit on Your Stuff with This Convertible Backpack Chair

Adventurism. Dynamitude. Ruggedity. These are all qualities that are required to survive in the great outdoors. Luck for you, these are all qualities of the ISPACK. No longer do you have to lug a camping chair around with you, on top of all your gear. Now your chair is your gear.
ISPACK is a sturdy, portable chair that doubles as a backpack. More accurately, it’s a backpack that doubles as a chair.

With a strong bag wrapped around a tough metal frame, ISPACK is the ideal way to cop a sit while hiking on a trail. It’s just like any travel/camping chair, except smaller and with a lot more carrying space.


ISPACK is available in a variety of different colors and styles, so your bag/chair will fit in no matter where you are.


The ISPACK is available through Amazon right now for $186!


Check it out below!

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ISPACK Backpack Chair