The Magisso Cake Server Lets You Squeeze Out Your Perfect Slice!

We all love cake, but getting a good-looking slice of cake is a pain. Icing gets everywhere, parts of the cake fall over, and it usually ends up turning into a mound of cake rather than a slice.
The Magisso Cake Server is designed to let you squeeze out the perfect slice of cake every time!

The secret is in the squeeze—the tool holds in both sides of the cake, ensuring it holds its shape until you set it down on the plate.

Simply press the cake server through the dessert, squeeze gently, lift the piece out, set it on the plate, and release the dessert!

With this cake server, your hosting time is cut in half—this tool cuts and serves your cake all in one! Plus, with your uniform cake slices, you look like the perfect host.

A lot of dishes to clean up? No problem! The cake server is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

Watch the cake server in action in the video down below! To buy this product, check out Magisso’s Amazon page.

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