This Hammock Keeps You Refreshed in Winter and Summer

Hammock’s are great. On a mild, windy day, they can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors while getting some much needed R&R.
But what happens when it gets too hot outside? Once the weather hits the triple digits, it can be agonizing to lay on a warm canopy underneath the sun. Well, the Hydro Hammock has you covered.
Hydro Hammock 1

The Hydro Hammock is like your personal kiddy pool and hammock all in one! With it’s waterproof-sealed design, the Hydro Hammock lets you pump water into your hammock so you can cool off while you lay down!

But, what if you want to lay in your hammock in the middle of winter? Isn’t it too cold?

Not anymore!

Your kiddy-pool canopy can be hooked up to a simple propane heater to turn it into a hot tub hammock.

Check out their pitch video below!

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