Cycli: The World’s First Social Exercise Cycle Machine

The motto from these guys is “get fit while you sit,” which is something some of us could definitely use in our busy days trapped in an office, or even just sitting at home watching the TV. But what’s really impressive about Cycli is how it turns exercise into a social experience.
You can race against your coworkers, your friends, your family, and even against other strangers in your city and around the world. It’s Bluetooth enabled and fairly portable with a long-lasting lithium battery, giving you the freedom to use it almost anywhere. Just put it under your desk or table and pedal away.
If you want, you can have your smartphone track all your data, like how many reps you’ve accomplished and how many calories you’ve burned. You can then challenge your friends, coworkers, and strangers in public or private groups and see who is the best of the bunch.


To make things easy and obvious, Cycli comes with a large 46mm LCD touchscreen that automatically turns on when you begin to pedal and displays your exercise information. Below the screen is a resistance knob that will determine what kind of a workout you want or need. Because it’s magnetic, it won’t create too much noise that could disturb your office mates.

So get fit, and challenge your work mates to an office Tour de France!



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Cycli: First Social Under-Desk Cycle