This Camera Watches Your Car, And Records When Danger Approaches

Do you worry about the safety of your car when you aren’t around? Do you dread parking downtown or at shopping malls because it increases your car’s chances of being burgled or dinged?
Sounds like you need the Auto i.
auto i 1
The Auto i is a 360 degree smart camera device designed to keep your car safe at all times. Simply hang your Auto i from your rearview, plug it in to your dashboard, and voila! – your security system is installed.
auto i

Your Auto i records 15 seconds before and after any collision or break in and sends the video directly to your phone. Even if a thief steals your Auto i, the video is backed up to the cloud so the evidence remains – even if your Auto i doesn’t.

The Auto i will also play a warning message to any burglars to scare them away.

auto i 4

You can get your very own Auto i now through Kickstarter for only $299!

Check out the video below for more details about the Auto i’s functionality.

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