Solos: The Smart Cycling Glasses With A Heads-Up Micro-Display

I weep for the competition at the upcoming Rio Olympics. They are going to go toe to toe against American athletes boasting this smart technology in their races. Solos Glasses are hands-free, fully immersive, and developed in conjunction with USA Cycling. Talk about going the extra mile in the quest for gold!
These glasses provide the world’s smallest heads-up display and connects with your smartphone to give you a range of useful features and information while you constantly keep your eyes on the road and keep focused, whether or not you’re an athlete.
Solos can provide you with your speed, your heart rate, how many calories you burn, your cadence, power zones, and local geography such as distance and elevation. By hooking up to your phone and GPS, it can also be a navigational guide and can be used to make a hands-free phone call.

So if you’re a professional athlete, or even just a weekend warrior, this is a great little innovation that can hopefully help give American athletes the edge and an advantage over their competition in Rio. So grab some specs loaded with technology and support your national athletes!



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Solos Smart Cycling Glasses with Heads Up Micro-Display