Connex: The Fun And Fumble-Free Data And Charging Cable

The Connex is probably the most fun you could have with a charging cable. Coming in a literal rainbow of colors and with an elastic card-shaped design, it’s a compact and clutter free way to carry a charging cable around.
It’s a self-collapsible universal data cable, so it can be used with practically any modern electronic device you can think of, and is compatible with Apple or Android.


It’s so compact, that it can fit in your back pocket or even your wallet since it has the same dimensions of a credit card. The design and materials used prevent any kind of tangling, allowing you maximize the space you have in your pockets and on your body.


You can hang a Connex on your keys, off of your backpack, or even use it as a book mark should you desire. You can also personalize and customize your Connex (since it can be drawn upon) to give your Connex its own unique art and flair.


With an 18 inch stretch, its durable design allows it to be a safer alternative to shorter cords, and the dual Micro USB and Lightning adapters mean you can switch between the different devices on the go. It’s a useful, smartly-designed, and fun little project.

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CONNEX: CARD-shaped, self-COLLAPSIBLE data/charging CABLE