Robot Grows With Your Child

Every child wants a robot friend, right? Well, now your child can have exactly that with Photon!
Photon is a robot who crash landed on earth and, with the help of your child, is excited to learn all about our planet! Photon comes out of the box dumb as a door nail, but as your child teaches Photon, Photon begins to adapt to Earth.
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Photon 3

Using a smartphone or tablet and some problem-solving skills, Photon can be instructed and taught by your child! In turn, Photon is designed to help your child develop their puzzle-solving and logical thinking skills. The full depths of Photons abilities can be unlocked, but only as your child’s skills grow and develop.

According to Photon’s creators, “the ability to give instructions to a computer – coding – has become the most sought after skill in the 21st century”. Photon is a prime way for your kids to hone these skills from a young age.


Through Kickstarter, you can be sure that Photon lands on your doorstep first for only $149, well below the estimated retail price!

Check out Photon’s back story in the video below!


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