Space-Age Smart Mattress Fixes Every Part of your Sleep

Do you prefer your mattress firm or soft? Well, you no longer need to choose.
With the Balluga mattress system, control over your night’s sleep is in the palm of your hands.
Balluga is a new smart mattress designed to give you power over every element of your sleep. Balluga is filled with “air cell” balls that control the density and stiffness of your mattress. The balls inflate or deflate to increase or decrease firmness respectively. You program it to your preference and the mattress takes care of the rest.
balluga bed 2

What about temperature? Sometimes it gets too hot to sleep in the summer or too cold in the winter. Well, Balluga’s internal temperature system keeps the mattress temperature regulated to your preference, so you won’t lose any sleep over a few degrees.

balluga bed 4

It also has an ingenious anti-snoring system that can automatically adjust your head when it senses snoring, along with built in lights to guide your way in the middle of the night. Now the only things that will go bump in the night are the ghosts and demons in your closet!

balluga 5

Through a special Kickstarter offer, you can get one Balluga mattress for as little as $1199. Check out their pitch video below to get an understanding of how the mattress works!

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