World’s Most Compact True Wireless Earphones

Truly wireless headphones are finally available. The Apollo 7 is deemed the “world’s most compact wireless earphone” by its creators at Erato Audio. Say goodbye to dealing with clunky, tangled cords. These lightweight earphones have no cord connecting the two earpieces. True wireless!
The earphones are also 100 percent waterproof due to their nano-coating technology. So no matter what your sport, or the weather, your sound goes with you.
Apollo 7 delivers superb sound quality and clarity with no drop outs, signal interruptions, or delays.
It also comes with a sleek portable case with a built-in battery. The case can recharge the earphones twice before needing to be recharged. Just snap them in and charge on the go.



Heat-activated memory foam blocks outside noise and conforms to your ear for a custom fit, so they are completely noise-cancelling. The accessory kit includes multiple size options as well as sport stabilizers to achieve the perfect fit and ultimate comfort.


A built-in omni-directional microphone allows for calls on the go and works with Siri and Google Now voice recognition. And there’s no outside box either. One single-touch, multi-function control button allows you to control your calls, skip tracks, and adjust volume.

See how awesome they are in this video.

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