The WINBOT Is A Robotic Window Cleaner That Cleans While You’re Away

The WINBOT Robotic Window Cleaner is like a Roomba for your windows.
It’s the world’s first robot that cleans glass and mirror of any thickness or size.

To use it, first: you spray the front cleaning pad with powerful cleaning solution.

Then, place your WINBOT on any window, glass door, or mirror, and press start.

Once the WINBOT is on the glass surface, the robot makes a powerful double seal vacuum so that it sticks on the surface safely.

Using Pathfinder technology, the WINBOT will automatically analyze the surface to find the optimal route to clean.

When the WINBOT is finished cleaning, it will go right where you first placed it and make a sound for you.

It’s that simple! WINBOT works on many surfaces such as thermopane windows, as well as, glass showers.

The different Winbot models are available for purchase on Amazon.

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