The Bit 360 Screwdriver Will Save You Time By Combining 6 Screwdrivers Into One!

Have you ever tried assembling something you bought from the furniture store, only to find out it has 6 different screws you need to screw in?
This makes it incredibly inconvenient and tedious to assemble because you have to end up carrying 6 screwdrivers where ever you have to go.
That’s why the Bit 360 Screwdriver was invented. It’s a screwdriver that combines 6 screwdrivers into one!

It does this by using a revolving chamber.

It’s really simple to use: just pull chamber to remove the bit, twist chamber to change the bit, and push chamber to select a new bit!

With 6 common screw bits already pre-loaded, you can simply alternate screwdrivers with one hand.

You can also choose to pre-load your own screw bits if you choose to do so.

The Bit 360 Screwdriver is available for purchase on Amazon.

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