Combine Video Gaming and Physical Activity with This Climbing Wall

Let’s face it, exercise isn’t always fun. Making time to go to the gym and do the same workouts over and over again can be really boring-I mean, what’s the point of running if you’re not going anywhere?
But what if you had a goal to reach or some kind of competition?
Enter the Augmented Climbing Wall, the world’s first gaming platform for climbing walls. It mixes physical exercise with the fun and competition of video games.


Even though it doesn’t actually come with a climbing wall, it has everything you need to take your climbing to the next level. The projector shows the game graphics on the wall and the camera films you, letting you watch yourself in action after you play!


The Augmented Climbing Wall has four games: augmented problems, whack-a-bat, sparks, and climball. The coolest of these is climball. It has two basic modes—competitive and collaborative. You can either get points by getting your virtual ball on your opponent’s side, or you and your partner keep the ball in the middle for as long as possible.


And don’t worry if you find the games too easy—you adjust can adjust the difficulty and make your game as hard or as easy as you want!


If you want an Augmented Climbing Wall for your party, send the company an email for a quote!

Check out the wall in action below!