The Nakefit Lets You Walk Barefoot Without Having to Worry About Cuts from the Ground

Have you ever wanted to walk freely outside? I mean actually freely, without the use of shoes around your feet everywhere you go.
While you could just walk around barefoot, the sharp pavement can give you cuts and sometimes the temperature is just too hot for your feet.
That’s why the Nakefit was invented.



The Nakefit is a hypoallergenic adhesive pad that lets you walk freely wherever you want without having to worry about the ground being too hot or cutting you.

It’s very simple to apply on, and even easier to take off.

You can use it:

– On the street. It’s anti-cutting and resistant to all paving.

– On the beach. Walk on hot sand without having to think twice.

– At the pool. The Nakefit is waterproof and perfect for the swimming pool.

– At the spa. Walk freely without the use of annoying flip flops.

– At the park. What better way to walk freely with nature than barefoot?

The Nakefit is available in: Black, Pink and Light Blue and comes in packs of 10. It’s available for purchase by pledging on Kickstarter.

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Nakefit (Pack of 10)