The HEXAGON Is a Device for Your Bike Seat That Lets You Have a Rear-View Camera and Turn Blinkers

The HEXAGON makes riding your bike safer and smarter by connecting it to your smartphone. With the HEXAGON, you can: view the traffic behind you, live stream your ride, & signal to cars all through smartphone integration.

One of the cool things you can do with HEXAGON is view the traffic behind you. This is done with the built-in rear-view WiFi camera. Simply turn on your phone to view the oncoming traffic or stream your ride.

You can also use turn signals with the HEXAGON. This allows you to notify traffic behind you which direction you plan on turning. The HEXAGON also has brake lights so the traffic behind you will also know when you’re stopping.

Finally, the HEXAGON also allows you to use it as an activity sensor. This lets you track the number of miles you rode or the number of calories you burnt.

All these functions are connected by the HEXAGON’s mobile app.

If you’re worried about having the HEXAGON stolen while you park your bike, there’s nothing to worry about. The HEXAGON’s quick removal allows you to simply remove it and place it in your bag while you’re parked.

The HEXAGON is available for purchase by backing it on Indiegogo.

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